Women of God

Gritty Women of God is a ministry committed to impacting nations and establishing God’s kingdom on the earth by using our weapons of warfare, including fervent prayer, to tear down strongholds and bring liberty to women who are bound by the enemy.

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September 19-21

Our Women's Ministry

Be Bold.
Love God.

Gritty: Our Next Generation Ministry

Youth &
Young Adult

This is an extension of Gritty Women of God, our vision being to raise up and train our daughters.

Get Gritty

Be Bold. Love God.

Gritty Women

Empowerment: Mentoring Sessions

Our Church

Eagle Rock Church

Here at Eagle Rock along with the message of Jesus Christ one of our focal points is restoration and relationship. We believe that you are a vital part of that equation.Eagle Rock is full of families that are building meaningful relationships with one another despite living in a very disconnected world. 

Pastor Sheila Bowling

Pastor Sheila Bowling is the President and Founder of Gritty Women of God and the Gritty youth and young adult discipleship program. Along with her husband, Apostle Les Bowling, she is also co-founder of Eagle Rock Ministries and Eagle Rock Church.
With 30 years of experience as a Pastor, intercessor, mentor and international speaker, Pastor Sheila brings momentum and encouragement to the body of Christ. Using practical principles partnered with prophetic insight, she imparts strength and direction. Her anointing as a spiritual mother releases restoration to women, encouraging and empowering them to step into the fullness of their calling. Her message of hope, intercession and reconciliation breathes a fresh wind of life to men and women globally.

What is Grit?

Gritty is actually an acronym for GRIT: “G-God’s R-Resolute Women I-in Intense T-Times.

Gritty Conversations

This is a podcast where we discuss the “gritty” parts of life, with an emphasis on spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health.