Gritty Discipleship Program

What We Do

Encounter Week

Encounter week is a 3 day event for only those a part of the discipleship program. You will be staying in a cabin with your fellow peers and your leaders. We have several prayer and worship sessions, discussions and teachings. Over the course of 3 days, you will draw closer to the Lord in powerful encounters, develop new and lasting friendships, and receive mentorship as it pertains to both life and godliness from our leadership team.

2023 Encounter Dates: June 22-24

In order to be eligible for Encounter week, you must have participated in the lives and completed devotionals. If you stop participating in the program, you will no longer be eligible for Encounter week.

Graduation for the Program

Graduation takes place at the Gritty Women of God conference. We encourage all girls to attend this conference and contact us for a school excuse.
In order to be eligible for graduation, you must have participated in the lives, completed devotionals, and have attended Encounter Week.