Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gritty Women and what does G.R.I.T.T.Y. mean?

GWOG is a cutting edge women's movement birthed out of a heart to see God's women step into a new dimension in the spirit. By possessing a warrior spirit and a mother's heart, it is our mission to impact the nations and establish the kingdom of God on the earth.

"Gritty is actually an acronym for GRIT: “G-God’s R-Resolute Women I-in Intense T-Times."

Other questions about GWOG


What is Gritty Girls with a Mission (GGWM)?

GGWM is a teen girl ministry which is an extension of the Gritty Women of God for girls in 8-12th grade established in 2008.


Which events are held by GWOG?

GWOG has several events throughout the year. Our biggest event is the Gritty Women of God Conference which happens every year in the fall. We recently added a conference for the Gritty Girls during the Spring. Visit our Events page for more information. There are also Mentoring Sessions and Special Events that occur throughout the year.


How can someone get involved?

There are many opportunities to get involved. We always need volunteers to help assist us with planning, designing, registration and other areas to help during the conferences.


What are Mentoring Sessions?

The GWOG Mentoring Sessions are an opportunity for women to come together and discuss various topics. The sessions are designed around questions provided by GWOG members with a panel of seasoned women. Each mentor discusses a topic immediately followed by questions or comments by the women participating in the session.

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